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Retellect technology live in the first Norfa store

Norfa, the third largest grocery retailer in Lithuania, has just officially announced that it is testing Retellect AI-powered product recognition technology in one of its supermarkets.

Checkout AI in Action

An efficient selling of non-barcoded products, such as fruits and vegetables through self-checkouts has been an ongoing issue in stores for years. On average, single product selection from the visual picklist menu takes from 6 to 30+ seconds to find (depending on the product type). This issue frustrates customers and generates increased shrinkage due to incorrect product selection.

To tackle this problem, Retellect has teamed-up with StrongPoint, a leading retail technology company and self-checkout vendor. All 4 self-checkout machines in selected Norfa store were equipped with cameras and connected to the Retellect AI service via StrongPoint integration.

This innovative system has been launched and running silently since September 2020 until the recent announcement.


Retellect has been working in live store environment for over 6 months and provided with insights of AI system performance and customer usage.

With the solution provided, time to process a non-barcoded during shopping through self-checkout has been significantly decreased and now averages of barely 2 seconds per picklist item. This solution proved being reliable and robust – as tested in a store that uses a wide range of fresh products environment.

Seeing the benefits provided by Retellect and StrongPoint, Norfa is now expanding tests in its other stores.



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